Coliseum & Doomriders – Not of This World Split EP

Posted: October 27, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Since Halloween is at the end of the week, I figure I might as well throw some music to get you goblins and witches in the mood.

Coliseum and Doomriders released a split EP that has two awesome Danzig covers cause really, whats more evil than fucking Danzig?  (Well I can Think of a few people)

The EP has Coliseum covering “Am I Demon” and Doomriders covering “Possession” along with a couple original tracks by both bands. In my worthless ass opinion I find the Coliseum cover to be the better of the two. but you can have a listen and judge that for yourself. unfortunately it looks like the record is out of print, which is a shame, because it sure is pretty.

Have some awesome covers of Danzig, Misfits or anything else i should hear?  comment! or send me a Tweet

Download: Coliseum & DoomridersNot of This World Split EP


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