THE OCEAN Robbed In Spain.

Posted: October 26, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in General Discussion, Shows
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Well it looks like the boys in THE OCEAN were robbed, and just like “oh give us your money” but like completely had the wool pulled over their eyes and really got robbed. The Ocean are on tour in Europe aka DAS OLD COUNTRY and apparently this is ow it went down:

“Two guys in a black BMW pulled us over with fake police IDs. They asked for our van papers and IDs and wanted to know if we had any money to declare. We were not skeptical at this point, as it is normal in Europe that you have to declare larger amounts of money when you’re crossing borders, so we told them we had merch money with us, and the guy wanted to see it. When we showed them the merch wallet, the guy reached through the open window, seized it and ran back to the BMW in front of us, where his colleague was waiting with the engine running. Unfortunately our van and trailer don’t match the speed of a BMW,

but fortunately it’s not allowed to carry guns in Europe, as otherwise we would be in jail now for shooting the guy in the face.”

Damn, that’s a fucking shame. They have set up a way to get donations to cover their costs here

and is you donate some money will receive a copy of the police report and a Thank You card signed by all band members, well isnt that sweet?

they are still touring around Europe, so catch them around with Anthema

11/09/2010 Rocking Chair – Vevey, Switzerland
11/10/2010 Z7 – Pratteln, Switzerland
11/11/2010 Estragon – Bologna, Italy
11/12/2010 Alpheus – Rome, Italy
11/13/2010 New Age – Treviso, Italy
11/14/2010 Magazzini Generali – Milan, Italy
11/15/2010 Boogaloo Club –  Zagreb, Croatia
11/16/2010 Listhalle – Graz, Austria
11/17/2010 Viper Room – Vienna, Austria
11/18/2010 Diesel Club – Budapest, Hungary
11/21/2010 Akademija – Belgrade, Serbia (Headline Show)
11/22/2010 Randall –  Bratislava, Slovakia
11/23/2010 Rock Café – Prague, Czech Republic

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