John Peel

Posted: October 25, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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Today marks six years since John Peels passing. 

Growing up in Texas, I never had ready access to a variety of different music other than what was offered by the clear channel dominated radio and what some people would pass on to me. My obsession with The Smiths is what introduced me to John Peel and his amazing sessions work. After hearing the Peel Sessions version of “Handsome Devil” I read up on him and found so much music through these sessions.

John Peel was one an innovator, a true musical pirate and wouldn’t have made me the fan of music I am today. Download some of my favorite sessions, roll up a fatty and burn one for Mr.Peel Today


Godspeed You! Black Emperor (John Peel Session)

Napalm Death The Peel Sessions EP

The Smiths – The Complete Peel Sessions (thanks to Icoulddietomorrow for this)

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