Sangraal – Gemini Wars demo

Posted: June 11, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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Hey revolutionaries, it is Friday, and I figured I would give you guys some good stuff to listen to this weekend, its rainy and ugly out so how about some black metal! Sangraal is a side project from a member of Gehenna.  Mike from Gehenna did an interview with Flipside:

From Flipside #122 Gehenna’s interview:
“Mike: [Saangral] is not really my band. It’s the bass player of Gehenna’s band. I play bass and sing in that, he play guitar and sings, and our drummer, from Gehenna, plays in it. It’s just thrash. Maybe in the vein of C.O.C. maybe a little bit trashier”

Here is a copy of their demo titled “Gemeni Wars” This thing is from 1997 and is a lot more primitive and a bit slower, check it out if backend thrash metal is your shit. They recently released a  7″ which I recommend checking out.


Download: Sangraal – Gemeni Wars

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