Review: Robyn Body Talk Pt1

Posted: June 8, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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After showing off a few new songs in March, we finally see the finished product. Body Talk Part 1, is part of a three album release.  The album kind of short with only nine tracks, one o which “the girl and the robot” was released on Royksopp’s 2010 release Junior.

The  album opens up with Don’t Fucking tell Me What To Do, gives a laundry list of vices that features a glitchy beat that gives it a very slacker anthem feel, Fembot is a cute track that features the line that sticks in your head “Fembots Have Feelings Too”. Dancing On My Own  Is one of my favorite tracks on the album, this tear soaked disco anthem does something that very few songs have ever done, make me want to dance and cry all at the same time. Dancehall Queen  is a track that Diplo worked on and it shows, with the down tempo, and sticky feel to the song it definitely feels like it could feature as a single in the future.  The last track on the album Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa is actually a Swedish folk song,  and at first  listen felt strangely out-of-place for me on this album, yet after a few listens is quite a soothing end to the album. 

Body Talk Pt1 gets  a 4 out of 5


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