Nude Beach, Iron Chic, Rvir, Slingshot Dakota at Death By Audio

Posted: May 21, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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The show started a bit late, nude beach was energetic and poppy, with a surf rock, mod sound that was fun hurried sounding. Next up was Iron Chic, featuring members of Small Arms Dealer and Latterman, played a super fun, full of sing alongs that at one point drowned out the band. Rvivr from olympia WA, was next, with  guy girl vocals and a raw and sincere pop punk sound that is highly addictive. Slingshot Dakota warmed up with a Empire State of Mind which got a few laughs in. The highlight of the night was the impromtu cover of “Waiting Room” that made the song feel fresh and was a perfect way to end a night of beer soaked pop punk goodness.

Mp3: Rvivr: Plenty Of Time
Mp3: Iron Chic: In One Ear

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