Posted: April 28, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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Upon listening to my favorite Georgian party boys, Black Tusk’s new record “Taste The Sin” I couldn’t help but recognize the unmistakable odor of big sweaty men, swamps, my body weight in reefer, stale beer and blood. That’s the only real way to describe this record, it’s a serious assault on your senses. These big bong-toting, beer-shitting dudes have combined the tonality and over-all attitude that comes with stoner metal but slightly faster and with a clear and obvious penchant for 90’s hardcore and metal without the guitar solo’s (thank Satan!).

In my not so humble opinion, I have to gush and say that this is definitely my favorite release of theirs to date, and definitely one of the gems of Relapse. It’s refreshing to hear fun, heavy music celebrating fun and heavy music. I really can’t say this enough, but this is a total party record if I’ve ever heard one. “Taste The Sin” will smoke you out, make you drink till you puke, kick your ass for being a pansy and laugh until you’re scared. So, spark up a fatty, buy this fucking record on May 25th when it comes out and don’t you dare miss their tour with metal legends Pentagram and Eyehategod in the months to come.

Later, Revolutionaries.


May 21       Raleigh , NC                    Volume 11 Tavern

May 22       Savannah , GA               The Jinx

May 23       Orlando, FL                   The Backbooth

May 27       New Orleans , LA            The Hanger

May 28       Nashville , TN                 The End

May 29       Newport , KY                   Southgate House

***All dates from June 5 thru 9 w/ EYEHATEGOD***

June 5        Raleigh , NC                    Volume 11 Tavern

June 6        Louisville , KY                  Headliners

June 9        Richmond , VA                Alley Katz

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