The Flatliners – Cavalcade

Posted: April 22, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Reviews
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On the bands third full length release, The Flatliners bring fast paced, rough sounding, up tempo, pure punk with Cavalcade. However the band has backed even more away from it’s ska roots (similarly from their 2007 release The Great Awake), with two small rhythmic sections in “He Was A Jazzman” & “Shithawks” which are back to back midway through.

The album has an incredibly strong opening with “The Calming Collection” which leads into “Carry The Banner” & “Bleed” which seem to be the albums three strongest songs. But when I say strongest songs, I mean make you want to go crazy and start a fist fight, just really lose yourself and let go. The band also adds in “Filthy Habbits” which appears on their 7″ Cynics as well. Besides that, the main theme of the record stay true to punk roots in the sense of let’s get drunk and just fuck shit up but also throw in some talk on economic disparity and lack of communication with family and estranging yourself. Ending the Cavalcade is “New Years Resolution”, which is a redeeming point for the second half of the album in the sense that it is just embodies the fast, up tempo punk, with everything you would expect (yes, that means gang vocals too).

Although this album does have its drop off point, the first six songs are completely worth the time to listen. Personally I’ll keep those on repeat for quite some time now, turn them up a little louder, and love them for exactly what they are. If you love raw energetic punk, this is for you. Dig it.


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