Show Review: Sleigh Bells @ Spark

Posted: April 22, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Shows
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Sleigh Bells @ Spark Art Place (INTERVIEW!) from 20WattsMedia on Vimeo.

What’s up Revolutionaries? I had the privilege of seeing the much-hyped Sleigh Bells a few weeks ago at the Spark Art Gallery in Syracuse, NY. This review is way delayed but I figured better late than never. Booked by campus-friendly label, O’ Morning Records, the show opened with Mouth’s Cradle, an electro/hip-hop amalgamation that recently dropped their debut album entitled The Next Big Thing. They got the crowd hyped enough and despite the poor sound, everyone was stoked to be there. After downing a few beers, I moved my way to the front of the room with no real expectations; all I knew was the guitarist, Derek Miller, was once in the infamous Poison the Well. That was enough for me.

Within the first few seconds of their set, it became extremely clear to me why Sleigh Bells had so much hype. The energy was simply outstanding. Miller used a real gritty guitar tone to play noisy, dance-inducing riffs while Alexis Krauss shouted over the beautiful cacophony. The programmed drums added a rhythmic dimension not much different than a breakdown in hardcore music. Thankfully, the crowd responded accordingly and went absolutely batshit. In fact, the members of Sleigh Bells commented on it being their most fun show yet.

Although their set was relatively short, (their only recorded music is in the form of a leaked demo) Sleigh Bells proved to everyone how much potential they have. With their debut album on the horizon, entitled Treats, fans of heavy dance music can expect something seriously jaw-dropping. For now, check out the above video (courtesy of 20 Watts music blog) with footage of the show plus an interview with Derek and Alexis. Mosh.



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