NACHTMYSTIUM: New Album Artwork Trailer Posted

Posted: April 19, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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Hey Revolutionaries!  Black Metal luminaries NACHTMYSTIUM have released a trailer for their upcoming album  Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II, which is set to be released on June 8th. Nachtmystium recruited Wrest (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice, Twilight) and Will Lindsay (Wolves in the Throne Room, Middian, Indian)  to play drums and bass respectively. This album already sounds like it is going to be have that raw and harsh sound that they have been cultivating over the past few albums.

Nachtmystium will be supporting Eyehategod, Brutal Truth, Black Anvil, Tombs, and Howl on tour check out the dates and trailer below


NACHTMYSTIUM live dates:
4/23/2010 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest – Worcester, MA
5/23/2010 Festung Open Air – Festung, Germany
6/04/2010 Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC  w/ Eyehategod, Withered
6/05/2010 Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC w/ Withered w/ Eyehategod, Black Tusk
6/06/2010 Headliners – Louisville, KY w/ Eyehategod, Black Tusk
6/07/2010 Fubar – St Louis, MO w/ Eyehategod,
6/08/2010 Muse – Nashville, TN w/ Eyehategod, Withered
6/09/2010 Alley Katz – Richmond, VA w/ Eyehategod, Black Tusk, Strong Intention
6/10/2010 Krug’s – Frederick, MD w/ Eyehategod, Brutal Truth, Strong Intention
6/11/2010 Unitarian Church – Philadelphia, PA w/ Eyehategod, Brutal Truth, Black Anvil, Tombs
6/12/2010 Europa – Brooklyn, NY w/ Eyehategod, Brutal, Truth, Black Anvil, Tombs
6/13/2010 Club Hall – Providence, RI w/ Eyehategod, Brutal Truth, Black Anvil, Tombs, Howl
6/14/2010 Daniel St – Milford, CT w/ Eyehategod, Howl
6/15/2010 Rocko’s – Manchester, NH w/ Eyehategod, Howl
6/18/2010 Hellfest – Clisson, France

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