I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business’ “The World We Know”

Posted: April 4, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Reviews
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Sometimes you need the words of others to put a situation you are going through into perspective. With the impending release of The World We Knew by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business, I knew I could count on Ace Enders to fulfill that objective. I feel like I’ve grown up with this dude… from days spent as an innocent kid in the summer sun, blasting The Early November’s first EP to help alleviate my first rejection (and overall frustration with girls) to a more matured individual embracing the message of The Path disc and improved songwriting of his Million Different People band. One thing has remained the same; an album put out by Mr. Enders is always particularly honest, thought-provoking, and easy to relate to. After six years, his decision to bring back the more ambient, stripped down I Can Make A Mess project could not have been more appropriate. The World We Know showcases Ace continuing to learn about himself and adapting to life’s curveballs. It is a beautiful piece of music and resonates particularly with me as I cope with certain hardships.

Although The World We Know flows as one continuous piece of music, it is broken into separate tracks. No matter where you choose to listen, the simplicity and conviction of Ace’s vocals and minimalistic compositions will you draw you right in. Opening track, “Sleep Means Sleeping”, is absolutely gorgeous and will make you feel like you just woke up with the person you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life (as cheesy as that sounds). You’ll feel like you’re floating. Another personal favorite is “Stop Smoking Because It’s Not Good For You” where Enders proclaims: “This isn’t what you thought it was/I should have known this from the start/Hiked twenty miles of catacombs/And now you’re with me in my heart”. This track is a hopeful anthem for the hopeless with an incredibly infectious chorus. I could talk about other standout tracks, except, well… they are all standouts and to get the full experience you should listen to this album in its entirety on a pair of great headphones.

The World We Know is just the record I needed to hear and listening to it constantly has helped me deal with some of the more dismal moments of my life as of lately. As I try to stay strong and keep a positive outlook, I know I can count on Ace’s music to keep me grounded. Apparently there are two more I Can Make A Mess albums to be released in 2010 (one before their Warped run and one in the fall). I’m incredibly stoked and confident that the material on those discs will be up to par with this release. In the meantime, The World We Know has incredible lasting power and is likely to be one of the most heartfelt musical efforts this year. If you’ve ever doubted musical therapy, give this one a spin and tell me you’re not moved… I dare you.


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