Neon Trees – Habits

Posted: March 18, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Reviews
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When you find your summer cd, you know it the second the first notes of the opening song hit you. Meet Neon Trees who upon the release of their first full length Habits have now provided my summers soundtrack. Not to mention most likely yours as well without you even knowing it. The bands first single “Animal” is so infectiously catchy it is almost undoubtedly bound to wind up being commercial music or placed in the most meticulous fashion into some sitcom or movie, or all of the above. The 8 songs the band has put together on Habits leaves you wanting more of their dance floor anthems like the almost impossible not to dance to “1983“. Don’t get me wrong, the band is as pop as pop gets (& they are totally okay with this) but they have no problem tweeking it a bit for different vibes throughout. On the song “Girls and Boys In School” they slow it down a bit, while infusing a semi darker mood witch quirky lyrics and on the following track “In The Next Room” there is more of a jazz/lounge type idea projected, where singer Tyler Glenn’s voice almost reminds me of The Honorary Title. What can you can look for throughout the album is all about love. Past love, present desires, passions, regrets. More than pop, every song has it’s own short story that you can’t help but get sucked into. Not to mention with albums with such a short tracklist, you know every song is exactly what Neon Trees wants you to hear and experience, nothing to just fill space so you have more to listen to. With ITunes featuring “Animal” as their free single of the week, a tour with 30 Seconds to Mars & Mute Math coming up (you can check our your dates here), as well as a performance on Jimmy Kimmel on Match 23rd, watch out for Neon Trees, it’s going to be hard not to. Check out the video for the first single “Animal” off the album Habits below & if you like it feel free to download this great record as well.


Download Habits here.

  1. Neon Trees support MSL and one of my personal Favs.

    They have several hits on this album and they are killing it at SXSW right now!

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