Aa, Screens, PC Worship Playing Death By Audio TONIGHT!

Posted: March 10, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in General Discussion, Shows
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Hey Revolutionaries! just a quick post before I go and pick up my new car. Aa, Screens and PC Worship will be playing at death by audio tonight! Aa is known for frequent lineup changes, a crazy psychedelic hardcore electronic pop sound that makes them a favorite at Revolutionary HQ.  Screens is best described like this

“Screens is Breck Brunson, Dan Tierney, Andrew Becker, and Luke Koz. Breck (ex-Apes) sings through a reverb box. Dan (ex-The Mall) plays a tiny Casio keyboard with bass keys on the left side. Andy (ex-Medications) bangs round metal objects with sticks in particular sequences. Luke (ex) plays a cream guitar he bought two weeks ago for about $1000. They write parts and put them together to form songs. Think Wire covering a Chopin piece on kid’s toy instruments as sampled by Dr. Octagon.” -Panache

PC Worship plays psych-pop free form jazz that will melt your fucking face. they are pretty cool and I advise you guys and gals go check this show out tonight! Directions, Mp3s and videos below!

Screens “Saturday”

49 s 2nd st btw kent & wythe

doors at 8, show at 9

L to Bedford
JMZ to Marcy
G to Broadway

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