Mourning For Tomorrow.

Posted: March 5, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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credit:Martin Becker The-Addict

Hey Revolutionaries! I was trolling around the internet when I came across this great  German band named Mourning For tomorrow.Upon my first listening to their demo I was blown away, they are able to be chaotic and raging and yet have really pretty guitar parts.They build up into these big explosive, cathartic moments which then turn into feedback fueled freak-outs.  Read the Myspace text because they can describe it more eloquently than I can :

“We combine destructively dissonant, melodic and metallic elements of hardcore/punk and subgenres to create a part raging part gloomy, thoughtful or even depressive hybrid that leaves you with an uneasy feeling.To name a few bands that have influenced us in various ways: Neurosispg. 99BotchIsis,Neil PerryExamination of the…The Assistant…pretty much all the mid/end 90ies hadcore bands, the robotic empire/level-plane record collection (VA is a hole!!) and some darker stuff…etc…etc…you get the point. “

The Band released a full length “DEINE HÜLLE, DEINE HAUT ” last year  and it is something you should pick up. Download the Demo and watch a video below. I have to give props to We Built The World And Missed The Stars for posting this and showing me some great stuff.

Mourning For Tomorrow “Demo”


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