Bands You Need To Know: Freelance Whales

Posted: February 24, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in General Discussion
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If you’re a resident or maybe just a frequent in Williamsburg, you may or may not have been lucky enough to catch Freelance Whales playing outside of a subway station for the hell of it. If you missed them there, maybe they were playing at a loft without you realizing; but if you were just lucky enough to catch them opening up for some really great bands (Mumford & Sons most recently, and a personal favorite of my own), I truly hope they caught your attention. However, if you missed all of these possible events, well I personally suggest you change that.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “another indie band out of Brooklyn?  I’ll pass”.  Well you are on the very wrong track. Avoiding the dominant generic sound that poured out of Brooklyn in 2009, Freelance Whales deliver much more than you can expect on their debut album Weathervanes. Mixing banjos, guitars, drum boxes, keyboards, harmonium and okay yes they do use some laptop assist, just don’t rush to conclusions due solely on that fact. Freelance Whales manage to suck you in immediately with their soft catchy sounds, moving lyrics, and subtle humor. You’ll find yourself humming the melodies to any given part of the record days after you hear it. The contagiously soft flowing sounds are bound to give you a chill, while putting a bounce in your step. With such a gorgeous fragility about them they are your perfect soundtrack to the coldest winters day, to the nicest summer night. Check out one of my personal favorites below, and if you like it download Weathervanes.

Download Weathervanes here.


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