Hey revolutionaries! since J. made a Metalcore playlist I figured I would make a queer playlist. The bands in this list are either queercore bands or have members that are out and make music that is usually dominated by straight and sometimes hostile to the GLBTQ community.

I have intentionally left out some well know GLBTQ artists and bands to shine a spotlight on lesser known acts. Some of these bands may not push a gay message in their lyrics, while some are in your face and can not be even more over the top than your fiercest drag queen.

  1. God Is My Co-Pilot “Behave”  this band has a sound that is super unique, the lyrics have themes that address gender and sexuality
  2. Torche “Grenades” this stoner/doom metal band lead singer Steve Brooks is out in a scene that usually isn’t too keen on queer folks.
  3. Hunx And His Punx “Hey Rocky” Hunx from Gravy Train!!! John Waters inspired, bubblegum garage rock is something that Divine would be proud of.
  4. Limp Wrist “I Love Hardcore Boys/I Love Boys Hardcore” this ode to the shirtless writhing pit pretty much says it all.
  5. Cypher In The Snow “Saccharine” angry lesbian punks doing it their way. One of  the members is actress Daniela Sea of The L Word Fame playing transgender Max Sweeney.
  6. Gay For Johnny Depp “Very Little Good Happens Between 3 And 4 In The Morning”  Vulgar, vile and chaotic. these guys would make most club queens run screaming.
  7. These Arms Are Snakes “Run It Through The Dog” Recently broken up, this post-hardcore act features out guitarist Brian Cook who took part in a round table with Steve Brooks of Torche and Juan Velasquez of Abe Vigoda which you can find Here



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