What’s poppin’ Revolutionaries? Jer-Grinder here with a playlist that I’ve been listening to a good amount in the icy cold tundra of Syracuse, NY. Gloomy weather usually means that I listen to really mellow music or really aggressive music and for this edition, I thought I’d revisit some metalcore classics that remind me of the good old days.

I started going to hardcore/metal shows around 03-04 and was fortunate enough to say that I listened to Eighteen Visions before James Hart “found God” and started singing for a band influenced by Nickleback, Every Time I Die before they dabbled in Southern riffery, The Chariot with their first lineup (out of now like 38104580134) and many more unexpected twists and turns in the scene.

The true subgenre of metalcore will always mean a lot to me and as you glance at this playlist and hopefully download it, I hope it incites you to break out your bandanas and reminisce on a time that was about unity and breakdowns, lots of breakdowns. Please comment and let me know if you’d enjoy seeing more of these, thanks!

1. “Motionless and White” by Eighteen VisionsThe Best of Eighteen Visions

2. “Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb” by BotchWe Are The Romans

3. “The Tower of Words” by Waking JudeaThe Desolate

4. “Porcelain Heart Promises” by Skycamefalling10.21

5. “Mending Tones from Vowels and Frowns” by AnterrabaeShakedown Tonight

6. “Calibrate The Virus” by Winter SolsticeThe Fall of Rome

7. “Suicide Soundtrack” by ScarletCult Classic

8. “Greetings from the Gallows” by Blood Has Been ShedSpirals

9. “Dialogue With a Question Mark” by The ChariotEverything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing…

10. “Closed Caskets” by Remembering NeverWomen and Children Die First

11.  “The Royal Crown Vs. Blue Duchess” by From Autumn To AshesToo Bad You’re Beautiful

12. “Logic of Crocodiles” by Every Time I DieLast Night In Town

13. “Waitress” by HopesfallThe Satellite Years

14. “Best of Me” by UnderoathThe Changing of Times

15. “A Romance on the Wings of Icarus” by It Dies TodayForever Scorned



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