Sleigh Bells “Ring Ring”, are you listening?

Posted: February 11, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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Sleigh Bells may have caused quite a buzz at this years CMJ, may have already secured their spot for this years Coachella festival and have turned heads of veterans M.I.A & Spike Jonze, but you can expect so much more from Derek Miller & Alexis Krauss. Thankfully as of this month the two are finally in the studio recording a full length. If you’re anything like me you’re itching for more than the Demo songs they have for us right now.

Originally from Florida hardcore band Poison The Well, Derek Miller moved to Brooklyn in March of 2008 in hopes of starting a totally new project with a female vocalist which he states in a Tastes Like Caramel interview was his dream for around 5 years. Enter Alexis Krauss originally from the Jersey Shore (& no, she will not fist pump or wear her hair in a poof), moved to Brooklyn about 7 years ago. Spending her days teaching fourth grade English to kids new to the US in the Bronx, Alexis had previously been in a “teen-pop” band called Rubyblue. This fantastic duo was brought together at a restaurant Derek worked at, he was her waiter while she was at lunch with her mom, who bonded with him over being from South Florida, next thing you know e-mails are exchanged and Sleigh Bells is born. They both said good-bye to their jobs to focus on music full time.

With a full start in September 2009, Sleigh Bells has really only played a handful of shows, majority of which during CMJ week. The first show the duo played was on September 2nd, with Midnight Masses (Featuring members of …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead & MM is also playing Union Pool in Brooklyn every Wednesday in the month of February, another awesome band, you should go check it out!) at Union Pool in Brooklyn for a benefit. All of the shows SB played during CMJ week were booked randomly by a friend of theirs, so naturally it was a little overwhelming considering the only recordings that are done and on record for them were done themselves with headphones and Alexis pretty much screaming into an internal microphone over the distorted instrumental parts they had recorded. Needless to say walking away with the title biggest “buzz band” was the farthest thing from what they expected. Either way they put on an incredible live show and a lot is expected to come from their full length due out some time late spring. In the meantime make due with the Demo songs we are all loving so much. If you haven’t heard Sleigh Bells yet, do yourself the favor and download below.

Mediafire for Sleigh Bells Demos

*Note* May 4th, Sleight Bells is playing Webster Hall with fellow Brooklyn natives Yeasayer.

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